Thank you for visiting our HEALTH section. Luis Velez (Dr. Uncle Louie Angel) is not a licensed M.D. as stated in other areas of the website.

As a child (about 8 years old), he suffered from asthma. When he first found out, his mother had to rush him to the hospital. She came home from work to find him nearly dead. Fingernails were purple, gasping for air. The doctors didn't know if they'd be able to save him, but told her that he was lucky to be there.

They hooked him up to oxygen and ran the tests. He had the worst possible asthma that a child could have. After some treatments, he was saved. At around the same time, he started studying the effects of medicine.

He was told that the pharmaceutical companies knew all the cures, but wouldn't tell people! All for money, and this infuriated him. He felt helpless. The only thing that he could do was work on not taking these medicines with all these side effects.

To digress and make a long story short, he started learning about and taking, alternative medicines but still ate anything and everything. He didn't believe in medicine but thanks God/Universe that those doctors saved his life along with the emergency medicines that he received.

This section is not to bash doctors or nurses at all. We respect the hard work that they do in saving lives every day and caring for the patients. The compassion that most of them have for others, is just mind blowing. Sad fact is that they are not properly trained in nutrition. About 4 or so, hours in nutrition is the average time spent learning the subject.

Consider this crazy fact: The top 3 professions with the highest suicide rate in the U.S. have consistently been revolving: Doctors, Psychiatrists and Dentists. Let that sink in if you have never heard it before.

Now, to finish up about present day Dr. Uncle Louie Angel:

He is just someone that took a long time away from business to study why three of his loved ones died from cancer. It made something snap inside, when the last one passed away. It just did not make any sense, being that he lived in one of the 'greatest countries in the world', as goes the saying.

While studying many things, he came across some very dark roads and paths. He 'followed the money' all the way to the top. The highest of echelons. The 'rulers' that are hidden in plain sight. Some pretty scary stuff.

He tried sounding the alarms and warning everyone! "We are under attack! They are killing us little by little! The vaccines that we trust are filled with toxins! The foods are filled with chemicals! Population Control, research it!!!", but fell on deaf ears.

He even wrote an email to many of his friends, family and anyone that he could get an email from, that were on his real estate  contacts list. It was titled "What If?" He even tried to send it out to 'spammers'!

Not even his friends or family responded. One licensed doctor even 'unfriended' him on Facebook. May have been related, but never confirmed. He had to stop sending this controversial message out or risk total failure in his relations to anyone.

It seems that some things in life, you must keep to yourself or you really make people mad and even hate you for it. True and dear to Dr. Uncle Louie Angel's heart, are children. The most precious things on earth, in his opinion are babies and children.

He is not trying to save the world, but if he can help just a few people learn about the amazing powers of their own immune system, he would be happy. Our bodies are under attack, sometimes prior to birth, but the focus here is on providing information that helps others.

With the information in these free videos, it is believed that some can even reverse the 'unreversible', at times.

Dr Uncle Louie Angel follows the Vegan diet BUT does NOT tell anyone what to eat. You can eat virtually any type of food in moderation and still be Healthy. The only suggestion he gives is to at least take an organic and raw, multi-vitamin as part of your diet.

Below is years of research done in order to find ways of avoiding illness and enable the body's immune system to do its job of defending you. Some of these things are a bit controversial, but please watch a few with an open mind. It's guaranteed to open you up to a new world of health.

*Disclaimer: Nothing on this website is intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. It is provided for educational or research purposes. Please consult with your own physician for any medical questions that you might have about your personal conditions.


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