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 First and foremost, I want to say that this website is about helping you reach Your Goals and Dreams. If you stopped dreaming and never set goals, then you might want to start re-thinking the value of doing this, again. There are many studies that prove the power of a dream, a vision, a goal. Throughout history, all of the greats have utilized certain 'powers' that each and every one of us possess. This is a power that no one can take away from us.


No. Not at all. I am someone with an open mind that has seen a lot of benefits to utilizing 'alternative' or 'holistic' methods that treat the actual probem and not just the symptoms.I'd highly recommend that you do your own research into these methods, and I truly feel that you will never look at illness the same way again. I do not give medical advice and recommend that you seek any kind of doctor, if you so choose. You have that right.  Please see the Terms of Service / Legal section if you have any questions about the website or anything to do with legalities.

The greatest success one can have is good Health but I want you to be successful mentally, financially and physically. Is it going to happen over-night? No. I'm not here to sell you a dream but to help you make your dreams a reality.


A brief description about me is a person fed up with failing. Failing at business, socially and anything in between. I realize that most people are not happy with the results they are getting out of life.

For a little background on me, if you have a Linkedin account, look up Luis Velez. I was ranked #2 out of the almost 1300 business professionals that share the same name.  ( Or see this link:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/luisveleznyc )

Want to know Image my 'dirty' little secret that many of my friends don't even know?

I used to be a garbage man! Yes, a driver for the nations largest trash hauler. It was a good paying job, but was never ME. I would just go in, do my shift and literally rush to get out of there every day. I'd rip off and hide my fluorescent shirt, so no one would see me. I was one of the best in the company, but I was not happy and knew that I had to get out.

After years of arguing with the bosses and some supervisors, the end had come. I knew all of the rules, and how to get around them. Finally, the day I had dreamed for years about, came. They had installed cameras inside the trucks and I got caught for the second time in one year, without a seatbelt on. Grounds for termination. The crazy thing is that I had called out sick that day, but was told that my helper called out also. I felt bad and came in to work, to do them a favor. Rushing around all day to get out and go to my son's school event, the camera went off and caught me without my seatbelt on. TERMINATED! What a relief. I didn't even try to fight it. I was finally free.

 After years of investing time and money into education, it was time to put it to use. Not formal school education, no. It was real estate education. Seminars, software and networking. It seems that eventually, the education learned from them actually played a role in my business ideas today. If you don't give up, any education that you receive pays off.

I learned a lot, but it wasn't enough. I'm not going to bore you with all the details, but it was a process to get to where I am today. If someone tells you that it is easy to be successful.....well, I'd tell you to doubt what you hear. Yes, for some, it comes easier than for others. For others, you have to break through a lot of 'programming'. Kind of like in The Matrix.


You have to start thinking differently. See the world in a different way. Break out of the usual paradigms that we are born into and taught. I'm not going to start bad-mouthing the system or the people in it. That's not what I'm trying to do. There are many beautiful and highly intelligent people that are making a difference in their chosen field and in their circles. I take my hat off to anyone that provides a service and helps others in some way, shape or form.


This website is for almost anyone. Anyone that either needs a pick me up, or just some of the answers to this life that we all are a part of. There are also opportunities for getting some of the best products or services designed to make you healthier in many ways, and also real money makers.

I can't promise you that you will get healthier. I can't promise you that you will get rich or make any money online, as I don't know you or your level of motivation. What I don't want is for you to spend money on anything that you're not going to use to benefit you or your loved ones.

Believe me when I tell you that, in my opinion, there are enough of my favorite videos on here that can make a difference in your life. Things that held me back for years, all became crystal clear finally. My bad habit of procrastination, thinking that I didn't need help, laziness and other paradigms that held me back, all of a sudden became evident.


That 'A-Ha' moment! That is the moment that you finally see or realize something that you have been missing. This can vary in many ways and for everybody. I don't know what it was or will be for you, but when it happens to you, it really can change your life's course. It varies for different people. Usually, it is just something that triggers an emotional response in you. It could even be a song, as crazy as that sounds. For me, it was a training that I purchased, and the light bulb just went off in my head. What is your purpose on this earth? Find it and you will be a much more fulfilled person.


I was on a trip to Florida back in March, 2016 when I took the selfie above. I don't put this on here to impress but to impress upon you that once you focus and really believe, you can do virtually anything. What you visualize, eventually has to come. If you focus on money and truly believe that it will come, it will. BUT, and a BIG BUTTTT, you have to take ACTION along with impregnating the thoughts of your desires.


We all have. Don't look at the person driving that fancy car and think; "what an easy life they have. It must be nice!" You never know what that person has gone through and continues to go through to stay financially 'successful'.   With a boatload of failures behind me, I'm still learning every day. Sometimes, it takes almost hitting rock bottom before you finally use all your training and knowledge to turn your life around.

I've tried and failed at several businesses but never gave up. My businesses included and include: off-market real estate , several online ventures, lunch truck, mobile food cart and a restaurant / catering  company in the Orlando, Florida area. After years of working in the Off-Market real estate business I decided I want to help people overcome challenges and obstacles. Many of the same challenges that I have faced.


This website is just an idea of mine in an effort to help people with the same things that I needed help with. The struggles that we all have to deal with on a daily basis that tend to hold us back.

The 'programming' that we all go through that's designed to make us think that we are not good enough, smart enough or strong enough to make changes in our lives. Too many negative things that I really would love to expose, but that's not the purpose of this site.

Although there are MANY reasons why we fail to achieve things, the main ones are paradigms or habits that we acquire over the years. We try to succeed at anything we do but get pulled back.  Is it just by chance that this happens? The short answer is NO. So many challenges we are faced with every day. We are bombarded with too much information, negative news and things that just bring us down.


This site is intended to have be a place where people can come when they need a pick me up, some inspiration, true health tips, proven ways to reach dreams and ways that you can actually make money if you really are ready to. Success is really closer than most think.

Inspiration comes in many forms. In my opinion, YouTube and the the internet are the absolute best ways to find out about how to get to where you want to go in life. Anything and everything you always wanted to know about is pretty much in there. Health, Wealth, Happiness, just all there for the taking. I've spent years researching the internet looking for many things from natural cures, dark side virtually everything, secrets we are not supposed to know or question and many, many things related to business. Curious? Take a peek. You just might have found the breakthrough to get to Your Goals and Dreams.


The vast majority of people don't make any money online. The estimate is in the high 90's so let's go above and say 98% of people don't make money online.
Why am I happy to share this? Because my team is different. Our main goal is to help those that really want to reach their Goals and Dreams. We totally understand many of the reasons that people fail to follow through.
 Nothing works if you don’t take the first step and follow up steps.
 For you to become that 2%, you need to break through paradigms and habits. We are going to be doing what we can to make you part of that group but you have to have the right mind-set. Funny thing is, most of you are closer to success than you think.


It really doesn't matter what you do. You have to be happy doing it and must have a strong enough 'WHY'. Why do you want it? My idea is to post videos from time to time of the best out there. The best at getting you to get to that next step. We all should have goals and dreams that bring out our gifts which we all have which are given at birth. FIND OUT WHAT YOUR GIFTS ARE.  Really focus on what you do BEST. Everyone is busy, but not many that are fully using these gifts. That is the ultimate way to be happy and successful! Use those gifts. Become a pro at just one thing, and success will be your virtue. Excellence in anything comes with practice. Practice enough and you can master virtually anything. If this happens to be in line with your gifts...you will be one HAPPY PERSON.


Is there any obligation or charge you for coming to the website? NO. You can browse anytime you want. Come and go as you please. There are many products or services out there, but I don't want to sell or market anything to you that you are not going to use or benefit from.

What I'm doing now is working with a small team that evaluates different products and services. They will promote them if I believe in them and they meet my standard.  I'm searching for the best and simplest to use products. Not all are easy. Realistically, NONE are easy....unless you have a huge interest in what you are doing.

If you do end up  purchasing anything, I want you to use it! If you start getting distracted or thrown off track, there is the Motivation section to keep pushing you. I'm not one that wants to take advantage and keep selling you products that I know you are not going to use. Please make time to benefit from any of the free gifts that are offered or any product or service you may purchase.


I don't want to admit how many products I purchased that I just put on the shelf after sabotaging my success. The trips that I took while becoming a 'seminar junkie' and the  thousands and thousands I spent on things that didn't work. A lot of scams and things that don't work out there, but there are some  that are actually good products or services, but just so technical and complicated.   Lastly, most of the time, we sabotage ourselves even after having all of the resources that we needed.


Congrats! You are on your way to success. I'd like to grow together. It doesn't matter what level of success that you have achieved, if you're not growing and feeling like your achieving things important to you, it feels like you're almost dying. Keep reaching and stretching every day.

As with anything in life, you MUST be willing to put the necessary effort in to succeed. You must also be willing to fail and keep pushing forward.Every single person has a dream or two. Stop procrastinating.  Strive to grow Daily. This website is continually evolving into the vision that I had for a long time now. It definitely has not been overnight, but worth all of the effort and time.

You really need to set goals if you expect to achieve anything worthwhile to you in your life. It doesn't matter what your neighbor is doing and what kind of car they drive. It's about YOU and what makes you tick. What is your Passion and Purpose on this earth? Each and Every day counts.

LOSE YOUR FEARS. We all are scared of something. Once you overcome those fears, a whole new world opens up.
Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or comments.

I'm going to be your Dr. Uncle Louie Angel and I want to hear YOUR SUCCESS stories.



My vision is to help and inspire as many people to pursue their happiness as possible.Using your imagination is the first step. There is and will be more things to help everyone that wants it.


What makes your Dr. Uncle Louie unique? I actually care about others' successes and don't care if you buy anything. Even if you come here for inspiration and it helps you get to that next level....I'm HAPPY!


My experience is: LIFE. We all experience ups and downs. No one is above natural laws of the universe. I'm not going to get all spiritual on you, but I'd recommend some form of spiritual education.




Failure is all part of succeeding. Make sure what you go after, that it is worth failing a few times for. Don't try to do it overnight. Put in the time, and you will reap the rewards. Just don't ever give up.